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Go Pro - Eric Worre

I started listening to Eric years ago. He dispelled a lot of the illusions of network marketing.

I was never really under the illusion that I would make quick or easy money with this system, but I definitely lacked confidence in the reality of becoming a professional.

For me, this profession was out of necessity. I was “cured” by products and felt the moral obligation to spread the message behind them.

But doing it unprofessionally meant I was poor. And being poor, my ability to spread the message, or do anything of benefit for others or myself, was extremely limited.

Eventually I accepted the duty and obligation to be successful, in life generally, in business generally, and in this business specifically.

Eric has helped me change my attitude and build the skills necessary for success in this business.

My lifestyle has changed dramatically by this change in philosophy. I am able to live in a way now that I really never thought was possible. And I’m only just getting started still. 

I recommend this book to everyone with any level of involvement in network marketing or MLM..