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Grain Brain - David Perlmutter

I have been recommending this book for many years, and re-reading it I realize it’s even better than I remembered.

The gluten issue is one of the more controversial things we deal with in the health business, but I promise it’s one of the most important - results of gluten-free life are better than you’d imagine.

Perlmutter goes into great detail about how grains, carbs, sugars, and more effect every system in the body, especially the brain..You don’t actually need these details to take action, but, once you know the details I’ll bet you’ll take it more seriously. This is the kind of book that might convince you to drop the grains forever and never look back.

Perlmutter is an excellent writer and he has a gift for talking TO you without talking AT you (a big problem in health books). His delivery is very gentle and I appreciate it a lot.

He also manages to go over some serious detail without it feeling difficult. I definitely understood a lot of things a lot better from this book, and it never left me. A+ for effective teaching.

I consider this mandatory reading for anyone in the health business, but I also recommend it to anyone who wants to be healthier in general. You might not think your symptoms have anything to do with gluten, but they probably do.

Since going gluten free is one of the things that can make the BIGGEST difference to any random persons health (physical AND mental), regardless of their symptoms, this is definitely one of the most important books out there.