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Greta's Homework - Zina Cohen

Most of the climate realism books I have read are very big and technical - this is not.

This short book gets its 101 points across with no wasted time.

I do disagree with a few of the points, but overall it is a great summary of why the climate change myth is just destructive fiction.

I think a professional editor would have removed the few insults and talking down to the believers, but it is a hot topic that has caused a lot of harm, and some emotion is warranted.

This book is probably more suited to sing to the choir, but I do think it would be worth lending to a climate believer who is actually willing to look at the other side. Since this is short and kind of rude to the believers, it could stir them to actually finish it.

Though I appreciate the elaborate science in the rest of the “denial” camp, the brevity of this book was also a welcome addition to the arsenal - few people will ever read the big books.

This book is very cheap and you should have a copy and understand why the climate change myth is so destructive.