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Healing Beyond the Body - Larry Dossey

This book was very good!

It is so rare to see MDs who recognize the importance of of faith and other non-medical healing methods. This book gives a great overview of such techniques, and discusses the problems with mechanized, dehumanized medicine.

I definitely felt like I was reading an “alternative” health book, especially with its emphasis on “meaning”, for both patients and practitioners.

Most importantly is the discussion about “healers”, and how medical training does not teach or encourage you to be a “healer” - mechanized medicine gives all the credit to the therapy itself, not the practitioner or patient.

Though this book is about health, the broad topic of the power of the human mind extends into many non-medical topics. I think all of this is extremely important in todays world, where meaning and human autonomy are hardly even discussed. Especially in medicine, the medical establishment should in my opinion factor in the human mind, or it will be stuck with purely mechanical medicine, which will always have generally lousy results for most health problems.

People have been flocking to the alternative health world for many decades because they see the problems with mainstream medicine, and without factoring the human mind in I believe that mainstream medicine is and will continue to lose market dominance in the health industry.

I highly recommend this book.