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Healing PCOS - Amy Medling

This book was not good.

There are a lot of factors to complex syndromes like PCOS or endometriosis, but this book only covered a few of them, and even then was woefully inadequate in my opinion (especially in their food recommendations).

The book also isn’t confident in complete reversal, so the whole book is basically just to ease the symptoms a bit, or cope with them. Reversal IS possible, but you wouldn’t know it from this book.

Besides these major problems, most of the book was a very specific 21 day plan for women to lessen their symptoms. First of all, 21 days is nowhere near long enough to see major improvements in any complex syndrome. Second, the extremely specific calendar leaves more than half of my most important steps out.

The book mentioned a few supplements, but definitely not enough to make a real difference. Most of the supplements were herbal (medicinal) instead of nutrition - medicines CAN help, but nutrition can actually fix the problem.

I see no redeeming value in this book, and no reason to recommend it to anyone.