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Healing with CBD - Eileen Konieczny

This book wasn’t very good.

There are many books about CBD, but most of them offer nothing new or unique. This book basically just re-hashes several other books about cannabis.

Like most medical books, these authors don’t know much about nutrition. They don’t know that the problems CBD is being used for, are actually caused by nutritional problems. If we correct a nutritional problem with proper nutrition, we don’t need medicine.

There was quite a lot of detail about how different types of CBD products are produced, but that information is irrelevant if we want to know how to actually fix a nutritional problem.

I don’t mind using medicines IN CONJUNCTION with nutrition, especially when the medicine is being used short term. But this book doesn’t realize that it is just replacing long term pharmaceutical therapy with long term cannabis therapy.

I don’t see any value in this book. You can easily Google all the information about how different cannabis products are made and what you would need to look for in high quality products.