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Healthy For Life - Ray Strand

This book was surprisingly good!

Surprising because the cover and title are utterly bland. I thought I was in for another generic health book, but Strand lays out a succinct theory for his diet, which borrows from many popular diets and I think fixes most of the holes in them.

The book definitely could have had a title that would better describe the message. It was all about the metabolic syndrome and how food alone can fix most of it.

Strand reports good results and I believe him. He has a good explanation about why modern diets like keto only work for a small percentage of people.

I agree that smaller meals throughout the day, with NATURAL carbs, is the best overall diet for MOST people with any form of the metabolic disorder.

Strand also understands most of the nutrients involved in blood sugar problems, and though the supplement section was brief, it was much better than most books on this topic.

There are MANY, many books on this subject, and this is one of the better ones. It was thorough and just repetitive enough to understand the message clearly, but it didn’t waste many pages, which I commonly complain about in health books. There was a lot of value here.

I picked this up for $2 and it was definitely worth it.