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Heaven+Earth - Ian Plimer

Heaven and Earth is the most comprehensive anti-climate change book I have seen. It makes an enormous case for the reality of climate influences, and is complete with a ton of documentation and references.

Prior to finding anti climate books, I had a whole collection of books saying the world is ending because of *us*. I didn’t realize that most of these authors were not even scientists, and many of the PHD authors didn’t even work in the physical sciences, let alone climatology or geology or many of the other sub disciplines affected by the climate change model. 

On top of the logical inconsistencies with the global warming theory, and the false analysis of data, there is also deliberate fabrications of data, deliberate propaganda campaigns promoting *we are warming the earth*, and a deliberate illusion of a scientific consensus on the matter.

Highly recommend everyone understand that climate change is nothing more than another giant misunderstanding, deliberately created ultimately to gain more power over us. The campaign is for more tax, tax on you and your breath and your business.