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How the Mind Changed - Joseph Jebelli

I have mixed feelings about this book.

Objectively, it was quite good, even top tier in the evolution genre. It was refreshingly clear and easy to read, it covered most of the theories about the mind’s evolution, and it was open about the problems in these theories.

I like that the author didn’t pick one theory as certainly. The book was very balanced, in my opinion.

I’m pretty sure this book was given to me to review, as it is new (2022), and I stopped buying this genre years ago. I stopped buying evolution books because I was sick of the repetition and lack of a useful theory - one that has any practical application to society.

I’ve been reading this genre for decades, and I fail to see any practical value in theories of evolution. It APPEARS that SOME progress has been made towards mental disorders, but, from my perspective in the health business, evolution has absolutely nothing to do with the problem, or the solution.

I have large problems with evolution research, mostly having to do with the fossil evidence. Unfortunately these problems are almost never discussed in books like this, and their status as evidence is taken for granted.

Evolution isn’t a theory I can easily or completely dismiss, and so I am still open to believing its tenants and hoping to see a practical application. This book didn’t really try to “prove” evolution, as it is taken as fact already, and though it did go into possible applications, overall I am not satisfied.

I am inclined to be nicer to books that I was given for free. I didn’t hate this book. I enjoyed the writing, but I didn’t really gain anything new. It was one of the best books in this genre - my problem is with the genre itself.

Though I’m not a raving fan of this book, the author was definitely good enough for me to check out his other work, and I look forward to seeing more from him in the future.