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How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You - Leil Lowndes

This book was much more grounded than you might expect from the title.

Many books in this genre use more extreme manipulation suggestions, but this book mostly sticks to basics that are very commonly overlooked.

Lowndes has another quite famous book “How To Talk To Anybody”, and some of the concepts overlap. I have used many of her suggestions over the years in my business life, and they have definitely helped me connect with others in a way that I feel is not forced.

This book isn’t about business, but sales is very similar to seduction. In both cases you have to be aware of the other persons needs, you have to know when to stop talking and let them talk etc.

This book goes into some deeper stuff than the basics, but I think the basics are the most important part, because so many people screw them up or think they aren’t important.

Though I think the book ultimately falls short of the very high goal of seducing “anyone”, Lowndes is also clear about the limitations of her advice, and I do believe that this book can give anyone a much better chance with their romantic prospects.

The book has valuable advice for both sexes, and since it was written almost 30 years ago, it is not diluted by modern “sensibilities” which discount gender differences and praise “equality”.

I don’t know any better books in this category, and I recommend this both to single people and those already in relationships - I know I can do better for my partner, and you probably can too.