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Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle - William Campbell Douglass II

All the time I’m asked about hydrogen peroxide.

I have friends and colleagues in the health business who swear by it, but I don’t have enough cases of my own to really recommend it. I have also tried it myself for several months and couldn’t detect a difference.

So I’ve been reading more on it, and that led me to this book.

I have read another of Douglass’ books, and he was a rather obnoxious writer, but he targets controversial topics and I think he covers them well.

This small book is worth reading and I’m going to tackle some others on the subject. H2O2 isn’t exactly a “natural” treatment, but it’s also not a drug. It can be dangerous, and this book goes into detail on the good and the bad. The good does seem to outweigh the bad, as many very difficult cases have seen incredible recoveries, and negative reactions are mostly taken care of simply by stopping the H2O2..There are several ways of administering H2O2, and possible reactions differ greatly between them.

I currently have a small handful of difficult cases not responding to the usual advice, and unable to escape the EMF of a city for long periods. I do attribute the most difficult cases to EMF stress, and this has a lot to do with EMF affecting the blood, preventing nutrients and oxygen from being delivered sufficiently to the cells. This is why I have hope in H2O2 helping these people - it oxygenates the blood.

If you choose to try H2O2, do you research, use very small doses (orally), and do not take it on an empty stomach. Much better but more expensive is to find a practitioner who will administer the treatment.

I would like more anecdotal cases for my mental database, please email me at [email protected] with your experiences with H2O2, and I would appreciate other book recommendations.