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In Defense of Smokers - Lauren Colby

I think this is the best pro-smoking book I have read so far.

The book was short, but to the point, and contained an excellent synthesis of the most damning counter-points to the anti-smoking campaign.

I have been reading a lot of pro and anti smoking books, and have had problems with all of them. I haven’t given any a glowing review. But, this one doesn’t have many of the flaws I have been so troubled by in this genre.

This book could have been a lot longer. It being the best book in this subject so far, it definitely could have been more thorough.

The book was written for smokers, not a general audience, so I think this gave the author less incentive to be more thorough. This is a shame because Colby is very level headed, and writes very clearly.

Other books have summarized and expanded Colby’s short work here, but those other books are full of problems.

I couldn’t find a physical copy of this, but there is a free online version that I printed. I think smokers would appreciate this book, but skeptics will demand more explanation- even though they can look deeper into the studies that Colby highlights.

Good book, important book, but it won’t satisfy everyone.