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The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life - Arthur Firstenberg

This book blew me away.

I have read several books on EMF, none were so detailed AND clear. Excellent writing with excellent information on one of the most important issues of our time puts this on my mandatory reading list.

I knew EMF was a problem, but my focus has always been on WIRELESS transmission. I didn’t know that health problems were detected in the earliest years of electrical experiments.

I’m also going to change how I answer the question about animals and EMF. I usually say that their problems are probably less evident for two main reasons: they are grounded all the time and most animals don’t live anywhere near as long as we do, so, less time to see a problem.

My new answer is that they ARE affected, and the only reason we would think otherwise is because we haven’t seen the data. This book has the data.

Long story short, the problem is worse than I thought, and it is only getting worse. The only chance we have at making our world a safer place, health wise, is to spread this information.

The public is nowhere close to informed enough on this issue. I’ve been in the health AND anti-radiation business for several years and I didn’t even know the full story.