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The Issue With British History - Anatoly Fomenko & Gleb Nosovsky

I wish I knew about Fomenko years ago.

I haven’t been reading this series in order, but each book blows my mind either way.

There are so many questions in the Truth community, but so many of those are already answered in Fomenko's life work.

The main criticism against Fomenko is that his reconstruction of history is heavily biased towards Russia. They say this is because he is Russian.

On the contrary, I believe it HAD to be a Russian to do this work. Because the Russian languages are key to unlocking what is indeed our Russian-centric history. This is all of our history and it just happens to be Russian-centric.

I’m not Russian and I don’t really care, and I find it immature and ridiculous that Fomenko's work is so often dismissed on grounds of “cultural bias”.

Anyway, I have reviewed some of his other books here, and I have attempted to summarize some of this on my YouTube TheRealNotus.

Summarizing these works is very difficult even in several hours of video. Everyone interested in truth or history should absolutely put Fomenko on their list to read. Videos will never give you the value in these books.

So, so impressed by these books. Highly, highly recommend.