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It's All In Your Head - Hal Huggins

This book was very interesting!

In the health business, there are some cases that can’t be explained with nutrient deficiencies or food problems. Some people just don’t respond to anything we throw at them.

For years I’ve been looking for more hidden sources that can stop us from being healthy fundamentally. Lots of strange cases are solved in the mouth.

I learned a lot in this book. Everyone knows mercury is a problem, but I definitely didn’t know that other amalgams can be just as much of a problem, or more, AND, still contain mercury. I didn’t know that dental plastics and ceramics can also cause the same symptoms.

A dentist friend said to me recently that no one should have ANY metal in their mouth, for electrical conductivity reasons. I really didn’t understand. This book explains in great detail, yet it is very easy to understand. A+ for communication and ease of reading - ANYONE can understand this book in my opinion.

I have seen miraculous recoveries when amalgams have been removed or root canals reversed. Anyone with an “unidentified” illness, or pernicious symptoms that don’t respond to anything else, I definitely recommend this book.

This book is about 30 years old and I’m open to suggestions for newer books on this topic, but for now I’ll be recommending this one for this subject!