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Journey Inside - Romaniya Poet

I enjoyed this book.

I’m not really qualified to review poetry properly, but I do enjoy the glimpse into someone else’s mind - I usually read nonfiction which is mostly objective, doesn’t really give you much insight into the human experience.

I don’t read much poetry so I don’t have much to compare this work to. My wife read this book as well, she said it was a bit too literal for her, doesn’t leave much to the imagination. But she liked some sections. To me, that was a good thing - I usually don’t know how to interpret vague poetry, but maybe that is the point of poetry.

Either way it was interesting and easy to read. I do wish it was longer!.

Disclosure: the author @romashkanj sent me this book to review. I have no obligation to give a good review. I should probably say no to poetry reviews in future because I know this review is kind of flat!