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Killer Clothes - Anna Maria Clement

This book was great!

Just like fake food causes health problems, so do fake clothes.

Most clothing companies make absolutely no effort to produce clothing without chemicals. These companies have no reason to change unless we are aware of the issues and vote with our dollars.

Many people have heard of the differences in electrical potential of different materials. I was hoping this would be elaborated in this book, but it was only touched on.

The main focus of the book was tight clothing, and chemicals in clothing and washing materials. There was a lot of stuff I didn’t know in here. I already buy only natural fabrics, but I got a lot more information to work with here.

I don’t think clothing is one of the top problems for our health, but it’s definitely on the list of things we need to do better on..I recommend this book.

I plan to do a podcast episode on this book soon, stay tuned, Notus & Friends podcast.