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Let Them Eat Dirt

This book was pretty good!

Though it is well known that there are more microbes inside of us than human cells, and that a healthy gut flora correlates with less of basically all diseases, we still see a war on microbes in basically all parts of society.

This book makes a great case about why we should allow ourselves, and especially our children, to be exposed to more “germs”, in order to build healthy immune and digestion systems.

It also makes a great case for changing our food habits, as most food in the industrialized world does not contribute to a healthy microbiome.

This book was easy to read and I learned a lot. I do recommend it, but it wasn’t perfect (they believe in pharmaceutical inoculations, which was very strange since they didn’t justify this at all in the text, and it contradicts their thesis that when we are healthier with a strong gut flora we are better able to fight other infections). That wasn’t a big part of the book, however, and the rest was very good.