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Level Up - Hamza Zargui

I appreciated this book.

This book wasted no time with stories and introductions. It jumped right into the strategies and it covered them very efficiently.

I sometimes criticize books for being in list form, but sometimes it is appropriate, especially when the book doesn’t try to mix a narrative with lists - pick one narrative style!

In this genre of personal development there is no one book that we all must read. The study of personal development must be a commitment to life-long learning. This means that all of us with this commitment must read many books on the subject. That’s why I appreciate this book, it is an excellent summary of the concepts we should all have seen in personal development books, concepts that most of us need to be reminded about often.

I think this book is best for people who are already committed to personal development. It’s a little too brief to serve as an introduction to the subject.

My main criticism would be that a few of the rules could have been covered in more detail. Most of the rules are straightforward and didn’t need more than a point-form outline, but some of them definitely could have been elaborated on.

I do recommend.

Full disclosure: I was sent this book to review it. Though I am hesitant to be too harsh on someone who has personally sent me a book, I will always give honest criticism. This book was good. It’s not the best overall book in this genre but it’s definitely worth your time.