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Life - Keith Richards

I really enjoyed this book. 

Having read much about the Rolling Stones, Keith's story feels the most honest out of all of them. He is down to earth and reasonably wise in his older age as he writes this, and it is a very comfortable read for a very interesting story.

Though there have been many rock stars, few have been able to go as hard for as long as the Rolling Stones, and though Keith is no longer a user or partyer, he lived quite literally on the edge for probably too long. After having been through so much it is natural that Keith's story can offer a lot of insight into what really matters in life. 

Often when a story includes drugs, money, women, etc., it tends to get over-sensationalized, but Keith brings everything down to a realistic level. 

Very good read, definitely recommended. 

PS - yes he is doing the Illuminati eye pose on the cover. He doesn't say a word about the occult in the book.