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Lights Out - T.S. Wiley

This book was VERY interesting!

It has been a LONG time since I’ve seen a new and unique theory of modern disease, and I think this book is onto something.

This book is all about how a lack of sleep, artificial light, and year-round carb/sugar consumption tricks our hormone system into believing it’s constantly day, and constantly summer. The theory is that both our daily circadian rhythm, and a seasonal rhythm, have been so disrupted that disease processes are the result.

While this certainly isn’t the ONLY contributor to modern disease, they made a strong case that this is an important factor. They did mention a few nutrients, but the book was very focused on their thesis. I think this is fine, it would have been too jumbled to include every other problem in our modern world.

I have had several cases where they did “everything” right, but they had terrible sleep habits, and ended up being very difficult to get healthy. Sleep definitely does affect our hormones, much more than is normally discussed. Many books mention that sleep is important, but no book I’ve seen has gone to such lengths to explain WHY.

I was very persuaded by this book. Even just in the past few days I have turned off the lights at sundown and let myself sleep longer than normal, and I feel great.

Highly recommend.