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Lying - Sam Harris

I’ve read this short book many times, and recommend it all the time.

In my early years I was plagued by the desire to misrepresent my reality. To lie. And plagued with distrust in others.

This book was one of the major factors I used in making the commitment to truth.

The truth can be difficult to give and receive. But I do believe it is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship.

In a society where we don’t know if we can trust the news, what’s taught in schools, our representatives, and businesses, it is a great relief to be able to trust anyone.

Yet most of us will lie quite readily over rather small things (do I look fat in this dress?).

Lying is very short and very worth reading multiple times. Sam Harris doesn’t waste words, and whether you agree with his premises or not, his philosophy built on those premises is flawless and thought provoking and very likely to influence your opinion on lying.

Sam has also written another short book Free Will that covers a correlate point to lying. I think they should both be STUDIED, and since they’re both so small I’d include them together on my top ten personal development list.

If there were a mandatory reading list for children to become better people, this should definitely be on it. And since most adults haven’t had any formal philosophy on lying, they’re behind and should study it ASAP.

The world would be a dramatically different place if Truth were treated as outlined in Lying.