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Mad Sheep - Linda Faillace

This book will make you mad!

The book documents one family’s struggle with importing sheep into the US. The case became quite famous and it is worth reading about it in detail - this one case study shows the incredible length that the US government will go to protect the cattle industry.

This case shows very clearly that the USDA does not care about health. They do what they do to protect business interests - businesses, such as the cattle industry, which basically pay for the USDA in the first place. This has nothing to do with bribes or corruption - the USDA exists ONLY because of industry money, and protecting those industries is business as usual, not corruption (protecting small farmers would be corruption to the USDA because the USDA is not there to support small farmers).

Many people still think the USDA and other agricultural departments are necessary to protect our health. Those people are wrong, and they should read books like this.

The government will fake science, ignore its own policies, and create new policies simply to squash any business that interferes with Big Ag.

Highly recommend.