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Manufacturing Consent - Edward Herman & Noam Chomsky

When governments and media first started talking about lockdowns in 2020, I thought, naively, that it would never work because people wouldn’t trust the media.

I couldn’t have been more wrong..Fortunately, someone showed me Noam Chomsky before I had a chance to trust the media. This book goes into excruciating detail on 3 cases where the media has failed us dearly in their duty to provide honest information.

Chomsky has MANY books out there, but I don’t think he’s gone into the type of detail in this book in the last 30 years.

Our world’s current biggest problem is people trusting authority and media, and this is one of the most important books out there to attack that trust.

Highly recommend. This book is dense and technical and should satisfy those who require thorough evidence before changing their opinions.