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Maps and Coins VS. History - Anatoly Fomenko

I always enjoy Fomenko books, I just wish they were longer!

Fomenko has been working for several decades on a “New Chronology” of history, based on the idea that two people basically invented “ancient” history (Scaliger & Petavius). Fomenkos revisions are extensive and extremely interesting. I cannot properly summarize any of his books and I recommend them all.

Plenty of people are hostile to the idea that any part of history is false, let alone the drastic changes offered in New Chronology. Many people are so upset by this that they dismiss it outright, but Fomenko et al have made a very large and solid case that will not go away by dismissing it.

Many people are “waking up” to the lies of history and Fomenko is in my opinion the best source for evidence of how the timeline actually goes.

Anyone arguing for or against this position MUST be VERY familiar with Fomenko, in my opinion, or they are not worth listening to (absolutely no one else has worked as hard for as long on this problem - add in Fomenko's academic prowess and connections with numerous relevant scholars, and I don’t know who could do better than Fomenko).

There are many of these books and I do wish they were bigger and cost less, but I’m going to keep reading them. I think starting with his larger 7 book series would be better.