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Maximum Achievement - strategies and skills that will unlock your hidden powers to succeed

  • Brian Tracy

There are lots of great personal development books out there, but few really cover that much ground, and fewer claim to be so complete as to constitute a manual.

Think and Grow Rich is famous as the Bible of personal development. But this book Maximum Achievement I think surpasses it in terms of total coverage, and is much more modern, and to my knowledge Tracy doesn't have the same issues as Hill with failing to practice what he preaches and making things up.

Tracy is a great example of writers from the golden era of personal development. When the message was delivered by no-nonsense, no-excuses types.

The book is not PC and it doesn’t have to be. The rules for success in life have not changed. But the modern way of presenting it is watered down and sold to us in small self help books that come nowhere near the depth in this book.

No one book is suitable for personal development, but some are more important than others, some need to be studied and re-read many times. This is one of those, top shelf of personal development, there to guide you through all the rest of it.

Excellent book, excellent value.