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Medical Nightmares - Susan McIver

For anyone who doesn't know about the horror that is possible in "conventional" medicine, this book might be shocking. 

For those of us already "in the know" about medical incompetence (including many standard treatments which maim and kill people), this book is merely a depressing reminder. 

Sometimes I forget how bad it can be, because I do not work in a hospital. But in the alternative health world we are often told by patients about similar nightmares in their experiences with mainstream medicine.

I rarely see proud chronicles of doctors actually helping people with their chronic diseases and disorders, but I do see book after book full of mistakes, full of "uncertainty", full of corruption, ego, greed, overreaching, overprescribing, full of people being needlessly cut open, infected, and killed in hospitals.

I don't have a medical degree, but I know, by reading these types of books, that just because you have an MD does not know you actually know how to help people with the problems that plague us as a society.

I can sew my own wounds and I can set my own fractures; I can prevent and treat my own chronic disease with clinically verified medical nutrition, and I can get antibiotics (the only type of drug that actually cures anything) from many different types of doctor.

I wouldn't trust an MD with my health or life and I would highly recommend this book to anyone who still has faith in MD-directed medicine.