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Mind Over Mood - Dennis Greenberger & Christine Padesky

I spent most of my life depressed, and read a whole bunch of books trying to get out of it.

Most of them were not at all helpful. By far the most useful technique I ever learned was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is what this book is about.

CBT is basically just learning to identify negative thoughts, habits, emotions, and replace them with positive ones.

It sounds simple, but it took me many years to finally make these changes, permanently, and I am now completely out of depression.

I read a bunch of books on CBT. This one is probably no fundamentally better than the others, and if you’re on the road to wellness, I recommend at least a few different books on this same subject.

CBT isn’t a magic cure, but it is a tool you can use, by yourself, any time, for free. This alone makes it better than most other available therapies in my opinion.

My mother gave me this book when I was in one of my lowest lows. I did the silly exercises and I genuinely felt that I was wasting my time reading yet another self help book. But, if we do not continue to work on it, the only other option looks like giving up. Of course, we shouldn’t give up.

I don’t know exactly why this particular book helped more than the others. Could have just been the timing. Either way, it helped me, and maybe you too.