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Minerals, Trace Elements and Human Health - Alexander Schauss

This book was very detailed, but it was quite short.

There were many points that I didn’t know about, and even though I practice using nutrition to help people heal, I don’t always know WHY some things work and some don’t. This book definitely cleared a few things up for me.

There were also some things I disagree with (such as there being “no benefit to increased salt”) that I don’t think the author would say if he were a practitioner instead of a researcher. Those issues were minor and I don’t expect all research to agree - just saying, this isn’t gospel, especially for the controversial elements such as aluminum and salt.

I have some problems with the editing, and I wouldn’t bring them up if this weren’t the THIRD edition - those problems definitely should have been fixed on the second edition. Main edit problem is some chapters have the references attached to the sentence, others don’t. A book like this is all about the references, and I was very annoyed that I wasn’t told which references correspond to which sentence in about half the book. He gave many references, which is great, but I need to know what is what.

There was also no index and this isn’t a novel so indexes really matter. The magic is in the editing and in this case the editor(s) didn’t do a great job.

I still recommend this for serious researchers. It’s not entry level and won’t help you unless you already have a foundational knowledge of nutrition and chemistry.