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The Moth in the Iron Lung - Forrest Maready

This book blew me away.

This history of polio is unlike any other I have heard. It was interesting on its own, but the author is also an excellent writer and made it very easy to follow.

There is enough detail to really paint the picture, but it didn’t linger long enough on any of it to make it boring.

Most of the book focuses on the time BEFORE polio inoculations, and I won’t spoil it for you, but the story of polio definitely has many factors that have nothing to do with a virus.

People who believe in “terrain theory” would definitely appreciate this book, but those who believe germs alone caused polio, or that inoculation was the cure, should also definitely read this.

The author is light handed in his conclusions. He doesn’t ram it down your throat or sound at all like a conspiracy theorist.

Many books in this genre have been badly written in my opinion, with off-putting tones like “WAKE UP PEOPLE!!” This however was very level headed and I appreciated it thoroughly.

Highly recommend.