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Nader: Crusader, Spoiler, Icon - Justin Martin

This book is quite big, and yet with Nader's prolific career, it surely could have been longer.

He was a very interesting character with a very devoted life. Few people, I think, could emulate his work ethic, for it seems to come at the cost of almost any social endeavors. 

Nader makes me want to work harder. He is a great example of what can be accomplished with unremitting effort and tenacious steadfastness.

I recommend this book widely. Nader's actual writings are a serious project to begin undertaking. His biography itself is inspirational. Many people are under the assumption that they can accomplish a lot with relatively little effort, but stories like Nader's show how untrue that is. We can make a difference, and though we probably don't need to commit as hard as Nader, we can certainly follow in his footsteps.