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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau

This book, and the sequel (More Natural Cures), were not very good.

They were more about the author than anything - very little of the books actually discussed “cures”.

The books were very disorganized and repetitive. A thorough edit is desperately needed. Although some of the points gave a source, there was no actual reference section in the book. Many book titles were given without even an author - I could not find all of the recommended books. This is extremely lazy and an excuse was given but not explained - “I cannot list every reference” - WHY NOT?! This book is so full of rambling and repetition, I cannot see why references couldn’t be included.

Both books feel like the author is just rushing through everything to get to the next point. Nothing was satisfactorily covered. Many things were exaggerated or inappropriately black and white. Health is definitely not as simple as portrayed in this book.

The second book was completely unnecessary, offering almost nothing new. Since the original book was updated at some point, the few new points in the second book could have just been included in the update.

I’m sure many people were helped by this book, but I didn’t get anything out of it. It seemed like most of both books were just a commercial for the authors website subscription and newsletter.

You’ll see these at thrift shops everywhere. Even for a dollar the first book is barely worth it, the second one is definitely not.