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It's Not Easy Bein' Me - Rodney Dangerfield

This is definitely one of the funniest autobiographies, and funniest books I have ever read.

Dangerfield is often referred to as the king of the one-liners, and the book is full of them. He didn't have the kind of life I would have expected, and he was also older than I would have thought, so he had a very long career in the industry.

But his biography is hardly an industry tale. He worked a labor job well into his life, with an inconsistent commitment to show-biz. He divorced and then re-married his wife, which is one of the stranger things I have heard in a biography, but it is swiftly glossed over in the same one-liner tone that the book carries us through.

The book was delivered like a performance, which I appreciated. He could have gone into much more detail about some of the stranger parts of his life, and actually he could have told us a lot more about his career in general. But the pace was part of the enjoyment. I finished it feeling like I really just finished watching a performance, and I really enjoyed it.