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Not the End of the World - Hannah Ritchie

I enjoyed this book.

It’s very easy to think the worlds problems are so big that we can’t turn them around. This book was a breath of fresh air because it argued against the doomsday scenario of climate change, deforestation, biodiversity, and more.

Many authors seem to think that we won’t take action unless the problem is presented as catastrophic. Of course, media prefer “extreme” stories, so they will exaggerate data or only mention studies with the most extreme conclusions.

I don’t completely agree with the author on many things - I do not believe in carbon-caused climate change, for example - but I appreciated the authors balanced view. Despite disagreements on the problems, I agree with nearly all of her conclusions and recommendations. Whether carbon causes warming or not, we do still need to act and buy wisely to improve several environmental problems.

The book covered a lot of environmental topics, it was well written and difficult for me to put down. I have read many doomsday books and I don’t think any of them were as useful as this one. We can approach these problems with a level head and I recommend this book to further understand that.

Disclosure: @littlebrownspark sent me this book to review. I always appreciate free books but I am under no obligation to give anything a good review. I genuinely enjoyed the book.