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Nutrition and Mental Illness - Carl Pfeiffer

This little book was great!

Though it is over 30 years old, Pfeiffer was saying pretty much exactly what we say today - gluten causes malabsorption, schizophrenia is basically “pellegra”, B complex and zinc deficiency causes most symptoms of severe mental illness, etc.

Pfeiffer speaks from both experience and research - there are way too many books full of theories about mental illness, with zero nutritional clinic experience..Unfortunately, Pfeiffer’s methods or research were never implemented in the mainstream medical world - prescription “head drugs” are still the main “treatment” - and most of the alternative health world seems not to know most of this stuff either.

Though it is short, this book is worth your time and money. It gets straight to the point and had quite a lot to dig into. The average person has no idea how important nutrition is for mental health, so this information needs our help to get out there.

Highly recommended.