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One Bucket at a Time - Eric Bergman

I loved this book!

Communication is one of the most underrated subjects out there. So many people have something to say, but fail to communicate effectively, and fail to get others to take action on the information.

I learned early in the health business that it doesn’t really matter what you know, because no one will care if you can’t communicate it. I saw the smartest and most knowledgeable people largely fail to reach anyone in a meaningful way.

For the first few years in the business I read all the communication books I could find, but very few had anything useful in them. If anything, most of them made the subject more complicated than necessary or even HINDERED my ability to communicate because I was thinking of their bad advice while trying to present the information.

This book is short but covers the few very important things that can make any of us a better communicator. It doesn’t matter if it’s a presentation to one or a thousand people, or if it’s a real event or online. This book doesn’t load us up with useless or counterproductive rules, and the few rules are elaborated sufficiently that it is difficult to forget.

I recommend this book. So many people whine to me that “no one will listen”. You will have more success by learning these few techniques.

I haven’t had to do a real life speech in a few years, but I know I’ve made many mistakes in the past and will probably do much better next time because of this book.

Disclaimer: I know the author in real life and he sent me these books. I have no obligation to give a good review. I genuinely think these are some of the best communication books out there!

I recorded a podcast episode with Eric Bergman called Death by PowerPoint, available on most podcast platforms (Notus & Friends podcast) and on my YouTube channel.