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The One World Tartarians: the greatest civilization ever to be erased from history - James Lee

This is by far the worst book I have ever read.

I have never seen such a lazy, arrogant, jumbled mess passed off as a book.

The author clearly has no respect for the reader. Normally I wouldn’t attack an author as a person, but I have to believe Lee is a complete narcissist, with an obscene confidence that he can make statement after statement with barely an attempt to qualify any of them.

There are so many mistakes it is actually unbelievable. No one read this before publishing. Someone was paid to format it, but clearly no one, not even the author, bothered to even give it a passing edit.

I estimate 85-95% of it is simply copy and pasted from Wikipedia, blogs, and much better books. The authors actual writing is very juvenile and stands out. There are many sentences and entire paragraphs duplicated because he hit paste twice. Many sentences have an end note number at the end, but there is no notes or references in this book, so those numbers are relics of the original articles. He didn’t bother to mention where he copied from roughly 80% of the time.

Funnily, I actually agree with much of what he’s trying to say. But I’ve never felt so insulted reading a book. This work is an insult to books as a whole. I’ve read books I totally disagree with that are much better than this, because they had the decency to make their case coherently.

I could go on and on about the inconsistencies, statements of fact that are not at all proven in the text, random pictures with no captions...But I will just say, don’t buy this trash.

Zero out of ten.

PS, at first I was shocked at all the mistakes and incoherence, therefore I thought he must be really young. But no, Lee is fully grown and mature, and there is no excuse for the mess that is this book.