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Over-Powered - Martin Blank

This is one of the better EMF books!

I have been very harsh on many EMF books for not meeting expectations. Many of them are too short. This one was the perfect length, and very clear and easy to understand.

The topic of EMF is excessively important. In the health business, it seems most people still want a magic herb or supplement to fix all of their problems. I promise that EMF is just as big of a problem as processed foods, nutrient deficiencies, and any other toxin etc.

People want to do everything EXCEPT admit that all of our modern conveniences are bad for us. Yes, all of them. And I DO realize that I am harming myself and sacrificing my health by doing business on the internet. I have invested extensively in mitigation devices and am working towards even more serious ways of reducing the harm from technology.

Everyone must be aware of EMF. The problem continues to get worse as we further electrify and add wireless capabilities to everything. The solutions start with education and this book is a great place to start.

On my mandatory reading list is The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg. I do still consider that the most comprehensive summary of the problem. Honestly the invisible rainbow is probably the best introduction to the subject, but it is also much larger.

I recommend both.