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Oxygen Healing Therapies

This book was pretty good!

Hydrogen peroxide and ozone have both been used medically for a long time, and have a ton of research about their benefits in many body systems, but most people (including me) don’t know much about them.

I think this book gave a great history of the subject, without being too bloated. It was brisk and easy to read, which is rare for this subject that is usually full of jargon.

The book goes over the various delivery methods and why certain ones are used for certain conditions. Overall it is a very good entry book for understanding these therapies.

My only real complaint is the last quarter or so of the book touched on many other aspects of health (diet, exercise, nutrients, etc). While it makes sense to say “oxygen therapy isn’t the ONLY method to combat disease”, this section felt rushed and definitely not comprehensive enough - not even as a basic introduction to a healthy lifestyle. This end section was unnecessary in my opinion - the list should have been briefer, or much expanded upon, in my opinion.

The rest of the book was much better and I recommend it.