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The Essential Engineer - Henry Petroski

This isn’t the type of book that you MUST read. But, there is a ton of subtle value in reading any full length books by professional engineers.

If there is one thing I agree with the mainstream about, it is that the public is disastrously illiterate in both science and engineering.

Most of us have been consumed by the ongoing “situation” since 2020, and it is my firm belief that we are in this situation in large part because of the academically illiterate public.

This book is somewhat pedantic, sifting through the detailed distinctions between science and engineering. The author is a good writer so it is easy to read, but I have personally found so much inspiration and practical ideas in books like this that it is easy to recommend.

It is not enough to read about subjects we are interested in. Reading about processes and engineering teaches us more HOW to think than any specific relevance.

It is practical thinking that has helped me most in life, and it is practical thinking we will need to get this world back to some semblance of normalcy.

On top of that, it’s just really nice to read about anything other than the political disaster we are living through. We will need to focus on solutions, and just maybe a book like this will help you come up with something.