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Secrets Of Power Persuasion - Roger Dawson

I was looking forward to giving this a good review.

BUT! My feelings are mixed.

Most of the book is excellent Golden-Era personal development. And I like the energy of the author. All good. But mid way he inserts some pretty heavy “NLP” (neuro linguistic programming)..I deeply despise NLP teachings. This mirroring and mimicking and studying people so we can present information in their supposed ideal fashion - this stuff has greatly tarnished the sales industry.

I used to feel weird that I couldn’t do what these books were teaching. I couldn’t listen to someone to figure out if they were an auditory or visual learner or whatever - I was trying to pay attention and actually respond appropriately.

I should not have felt bad for failing to stretch natural conversation into NLP. NLP is not natural, it’s not effective (customers don’t generally care, I promise), and if I catch someone doing it to me, I’m immediately turned off.

If you can tell what is NLP and what isn’t, then the majority of this book has value. But the NLP must be ignored in my opinion.

Be yourself. Don’t mirror the prospect...In the authors defense, these ideas were very popular for a long time and are still today.

But they really are manipulative trash ideas. If any of my sales people were using this, they’d be fired.