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Customer-Centric Marketing - Aldo Cundari

I was very disappointed by this book.

Written in 2015, it feels very out of date about the “coming” importance of social media and online marketing.

Worse, the author is one of many industry veterans who felt the urgent need to write books in recent years on the changing landscape of business and marketing. Why this is worse is because these veterans have no experience on social media itself, so this advice is near entirely theoretical, or else too vague to be of use.

The idea of customer centric marketing, and online relationships with the customer base, is not new. Many authors have gone into great detail on this subject, and since it IS critical to business today, it IS worth reading many books on. But this book offered nothing new, and if you aren’t fluent in business lingo, this book will make no sense anyway.

This was clearly written for business people. But it offered no appreciable depth to the very important points brought up. The author was not bad, and kept me engaged, but I did not learn anything useful about social media or marketing or customer relations, and yet I felt there was quite a lot left out.

My final problem with this book is one that many sales books share - an author who runs a training agency of some kind. Typically, I feel the book itself is a subtle pamphlet outlining the benefits I would get by hiring this author to train my staff. A “B2B” marketer writes books that support the proposed value of the author’s service. As an individual, I am in no market to hire a trainer, and I feel this book was more to show their clients and prospects than it is to share something valuable with the world.

I have given good reviews to author/trainers, but they have to have some clear and coherent point to the book besides selling themselves.

Do not recommend. Read Gary Vaynerchuk instead: The Thank You Economy; Crushing It!; and Jab, Jab, Right Hook.