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The Happiness Equation - Neil Pasricha

I really don’t think it’s possible to fully cover an actual foolproof “happiness equation”. This book doesn’t make huge claims though, and does deliver a solid formula for increased happiness.

This book is tightly written, not many extra words, which I very much appreciate. It was light and breezy and yet it is littered with useful advice.

I already use several of the techniques in this book so I definitely believe it would have value for the average person.

Since this author lacks pretensions and doesn’t review the other happiness books, it’s worth reading even if you’re familiar with the genre.

I wasn’t blown away or overly impressed. But I wasn’t disappointed.

I do have a problem with the formatting, nothing to do with the content. Too many wasted pages and unnecessary title pages. The book is probably a third bigger than it needed to be, and twice as big as it could have been.

Books get carried around in bags and then stored on shelves. In both cases, the more compact, the better. Especially for such a swift dialogue in the book, such an easy read, my opinion would be to optimize the package as well.

Especially for a hard cover, typically a third or twice as much money as a paperback, bigger and bulkier it is expected to have more value. If I paid full price for this hard cover I would feel ripped off.