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The Halo Effect - Phil Rosenzweig

This book is very good. It succeeded in making its central point, that most of the arbitrage of books offering the formula for success in business will be tainted by the Halo Effect.

The reality that success in business is not a formula, is much less appealing to audiences and customers.

Right now with the lockdowns, we are seeing many perfectly sound businesses question their futures. Many excellent leaders will sink with the ship. 

Other times it is market competition that causes failure. In any case, the leaders and workers and investors in a business can follow the advice of the business books, and still fail. And in this modern environment, startups can skyrocket in value without solid leadership and business structure, and without ever reading a single personal development book. They have to figure out the structure as it grows. Their ultimate success or failure will be impossible to precisely formulate. And it will be impossible to replicate. Every business must navigate its own road. And even the best drivers can crash.

The point of the author touches my heart as a reader. We read with an expectation of benefit. We’re not reading business books for entertainment. But if the supposed formulas for success are all based on company performance, outcomes, they will be flawed by the Halo Effect.

I definitely recommend reading this book to understand that.

It was also not too detailed and not too short, which I appreciate.

Great value.