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Passionate & Profitable - Lior Arussy

Since I read “The Halo Effect” earlier this year, I have spotted many books, like this one, flawed before being written, since they are tainted by the halo effect.

This means that a case is made about why you should or should not do ___ —> based on the OUTCOME of other businesses. This produces the halo effect. And this is why I believe this book is completely useless. 

On top of that, I found this book highly obnoxious, because it essentially assumes us business owners reading the book are doing everything wrong.

It’s written in a mocking, parental tone. It reads like the author is Moses with some stone tablets about the “Ten Mistakes Businesses Make” (based on comparisons to existing businesses and their outcomes).

It will not be immediately apparent why this focus on outcomes can be so polluting to a business How-To. So I recommend reading the Halo Effect before reading any other business or self help book.

I might not have dismissed this book so readily if I hadn’t read Halo. This book is dense and technical and really makes it sound like the author knows what he’s talking about.

I still probably would have found it distasteful, written in a technical jibberish that I find very annoying. It sounds like the author is putting himself on a pedestal with this language and the “you don’t know what you’re doing” tone.

Don’t read this trash.