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Passive Smoke - the EPA's betrayal of science and policy

  • Gio B. Gory
  • John C. Luik

If you’ve ever thought, “of course there is solid evidence that second hand smoke causes cancer”, you’ve been manipulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

This book is very technical, but it goes into detail about each of the aspects of blatantly corrupt science that the EPA used to further its anti-smoking agenda.

This book is based on a US Federal Court ruling which condemned the EPA for many specific infringements of proper science.

Among the judge’s rulings were: “the EPA failed to establish and consult the advisory group mandated by the Radon Research Act; the EPAs risk assessment process was significantly flawed; only the EPAs changed epidemiological methodology allowed it to find [secondhand smoke] a human carcinogen; the EPA reached a conclusion about [SH smoke] before beginning its research program; the EPA violated the Radon Research Act’s procedural requirements at every turn; the EPA ignored evidence..;..”cherry-picked” studies..;..failed to produce statistically significant results with its selected studies.” And many more specific violations of science and law.

This book also includes the full court document from Judge Osteen’s decision.

If you thought the science was settled on second hand smoke, you must read this book. This book only deals with this EPA report, but this report has been used as a foundation in many countries to further the anti-smoking agenda. Since it is deeply flawed, so are all decisions based on it.

PS - I really appreciate books published by The Fraser Institute - stuff you won’t see from a mainstream publisher.