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Exposing the AIDS Scandal - Paul Cameron

I enjoyed this book, but I disagree with it strongly.

It is very impressive when a book can make me want to keep reading, even when I completely disagree with the thesis.

This book blames homosexual behavior for AIDS. I think it is missing the biggest factor - homosexuals using PARTY DRUGS like amphetamines, poppers, and “prophylactic” antibiotics. Sex doesn’t cause disease, but drugs do, as do the unhealthy habits that coincide (lack of sleep, alcohol, bad food etc.)

The anti-gay sentiment is largely religious, and the author doesn’t shy from that. But, the author does make a somewhat compelling case which I won’t spoil for you here. I found myself nodding in agreement with several points, even though we don’t share the same “moral” baseline (I don’t consider it immoral to be homosexual).

I highly doubt this book would be published today. Both AIDS and homosexuality are still very controversial topics, and this moral/religious stance probably wouldn’t get a voice today.

This book caused me to challenge some of my ideas on homosexuality, but not on AIDS. It’s good to reevaluate ideas, even if we don’t change our minds.

Either way the author did a great job of being righteous without being hysterical; it was clear and easy to understand and got its point across in a powerful way.

I don’t think I can recommend this book in general, but if you’re interested in AIDS and how ridiculous the theories got in the heyday (1980s), this book should entertain you.