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Pawns in a Game - Brian Bender

This book will be divisive. Probably half of my audience believes in the flat earth, and the other half thinks it’s the silliest thing they’ve ever heard.

In 2015 this subject blew up on the internet. One big problem to me is that this theory has been outlined mostly on YouTube videos, and we have a huge lack of books on the subject. Most of the books I have read have been terrible..I know the author @bigcountry2989 personally, and I have been a recurring guest on his podcast @whiskey_beer_n_conspiracies for several years. He asked me to be honest in my review, so here it is:

Bender used most of the strongest points supporting the theory, and his prose is very easy to read, feeling like a conversation. I commend him for writing a book in general, and especially on such a controversial topic that is sure to cause backlash.

But, the book suffers from my main complaint about all conspiracy books: a misdirected audience. Books can be written to convince unbelievers, or to educate people who already believe the theory, but most conspiracy books fail to pick a lane. They talk down to the unbelievers (poor sales strategy), while most buyers presumably are already on board, and simply want more information.

Bender had a better balance than other conspiracy books, but I do think he could have focused on one type of reader, and explained many of the phrases used, because they will only be understood by people who are well-versed in conspiracy topics. I knew those key words but many readers would not.

I do believe this book is worth reading, and Bender himself is worth supporting. This being his first attempt, I am impressed. He says that there will be a second edition and I hope he lets me help edit, because this is a book that needs to be out there, but it does need to be of the highest quality to convince the masses.

Each year I make a long compilation video called Wag The Dog Theory. This year (part 4) I started it with a segment about space footage being fake. I believe everything we’ve been shown about space is fake, and if this subject is unacceptable to you I suggest watching that video. It’s on rumble and www.WagTheDogTheory.com