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PCOS For Dummies

This book was not good.

I had just finished a textbook for lay people that attempted to be comprehensive on this subject. It was not good at all, and I was hoping the for dummies version would be more helpful. It wasn’t.

This book was less exhaustive, but not too much simpler. It contained basically the same information and strategies as the textbook - managing multiple symptoms with multiple drugs, “coping” with the symptoms rather than reversing them, and overall NOT offering a useful strategy to conquer the syndrome.

This book was more encouraging about some of the key nutrients involved, but was not confident enough in the recommendation, and the doses here were far inadequate to me. One small point I was happy to see in this book was a recommendation to eat LIVER, as it is high in some of the key nutrients for gland/hormone/skin/hair health (all involved in PCOS), especially vitamin A.

I don’t see a point in recommending books that don’t actually understand the problem. Describing a problem is not helpful when they can’t describe what goes wrong to cause the problem, or what can happen when appropriate diet and nutrient changes are made. “Managing” and “coping” are not good enough for me, and I assume not for you either.

Thumbs down.

I’ll do a podcast in time about these two PCOS books. Notus & Friends podcast. I’m open to recommendations for books that actually have some confident reversal information.