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PCOS: The Hidden Epidemic - Samuel Thatcher

This book was not good.

The author admits that medical therapies are very limited for this condition, and much of the book is about managing symptoms and “coping” with them, instead of reversing them.

The author was very dismissive of nutrition. He provided several clues that made some sense to me nutritionally, but he could not connect the dots because he obviously doesn’t know anything about nutrition other than what MDs are trained to repeat.

If you follow the guidelines in this book (which are still standard from MDs today), you will be on several drugs to attempt to control the many aspects of imbalance associated with PCOS. Your doctor will admit that these treatments will not reverse the disease.

Overall the book made me sad. Sad that so many women are done such disservice by mainstream medicine, and sad that the doctors themselves admit their inadequate understanding and treatments.

I cannot claim to have all the answers to this syndrome, but we in nutrition have more than MDs in general. We did a deep dive on this book and what I think we should do instead. That meeting is only on www.patreon.com/therealnotus. In due time I will do a podcast episode about it as well. Notus & Friends Podcast.